nmrglue.fileio.pipe.write(filename, dic, data, overwrite=False)[source]

Write a NMRPipe file to disk.


Filename of NMRPipe to write to. See Notes.


Dictionary of NMRPipe parameters.


Array of NMR data.

overwritebool, optional.

Set True to overwrite files, False will raise a Warning if file exists.

See also


Write NMRPipe files using minimal amounts of memory.


Read NMRPipe files.


For 3D data if filename has no ‘%’ formatter then the data is written as a 3D NMRPipe data stream. When the ‘%’ formatter is provided the data is written out as a standard NMRPipe 3D multi-file 3D.

For 4D data, filename can have one, two or no ‘%’ formatters resulting in a single index file (test%03d.ft), two index file(test%02d%03d.ft), or one file data stream (test.ft4).

dic[“FDPIPEFLAG”] is not changed or checked when writing, please check that this value is 0.0 for standard non-data stream files, and 1.0 for data stream files or an file may be written with an incorrect header.

Set overwrite to True to overwrite files that exist.