nmrglue table functions.

nmrglue uses numpy records array as stores of various data (peak tables, trajectories, etc). This module provides functions to read and write records arrays from disk. Formatting of the numeric values is left to Python’s str function and only the data type need be specified. In addition this module contains functions to convert nmrglue’s table format NMRPipe’s table format.

This modules is imported as nmrglue.table and can be called as such.

User Information

User Functions


Read a nmrglue table file.

write(filename, comments, rec[, overwrite])

Write a nmrglue table to file.

insert_row(rec, N, row)

Insert a row into a records array before row number N.

append_row(rec, row)

Append a row to the end of a records array.

delete_row(rec, N)

Delete a row from a records array.

reorder_rows(rec, new_order)

Reorder or delete rows in a records array.

insert_column(rec, N, col[, name, format])

Insert a column into a records array.

append_column(rec, col[, name, format])

Append a column to the end of a records array.

delete_column(rec, N)

Delete a column from a records array.

reorder_columns(rec, new_order)

Reorder or delete columns in a records array.

pipe2glue(pcomments, pformat, rec)

Convert a NMRPipe table to a nmrglue table

glue2pipe(comments, rec)

Convert a nmrglue table to a NMRPipe table.


Guess a NMRPipe table column format string given a column.