Fuctions for reading and writing Rowland NMR Toolkit (RNMRTK) files

This modules is imported as nmrglue.rnmrtk and can be called as such.

User Information

User Functions

read(filename[, par_file])

Read RNMRTK files.

write(filename, dic, data[, par_file, overwrite])

Write RNMRTK files.

write_lowmem(filename, dic, data[, ...])

Write RNMRTK files using minimal amounts of memory (trace by trace).

read_lowmem(filename[, par_file])

Read RNMRTK files with minimal memory usage

read_sec(filename, dtype, shape, cplex)

Read a RNMRTK parameter .par file.

write_sec(filename, data[, dtype, overwrite])

Write a RNMRTK .sec file.


Parse a RNMRTK parameter (.par) file.

write_par(par_file, dic, overwrite)

Write a RNMRTK parameter file (.par).

make_uc(dic, data[, dim])

Creat a unit conversion object

guess_udic(dic, data)

Guess parameters of a universal dictionary from a dic, data pair.

create_dic(udic[, dim_order])

Create a RNMRTK dictionary from a universal dictionary.

Developer Infomation

Developer Functions

These functions are typically not used directly by users. Developers who want fine control over Rowland NMR Toolkit files will be interested in these functions.


Create a RNMRTK data array (recast into float32 or complex64)

get_data(filename, dtype)

Get spectral data from a RNMRTK file.

get_trace(f, num_points, big)

Get a trace from an open RNMRTK file.

put_trace(f, trace)

Put a trace to an open RNMRTK file.


Remove interleaving of real.


Interleave real, imag data in data

parse_par_line(line, dic)

Parse a line from a RNMRTK parameter file (.par).

find_dic_dim(dic, dim)

Find dimension in dictionary which corresponds to array dimension.

find_array_dim(dic, ddim)

Find array dimension which corresponds to dictionary dimension.

Developer Classes

rnmrtk_nd(filename, fshape, cplex, big[, order])

Emulate a ndarray objects without loading data into memory for low memory reading of RNMRTK files.