Functions for reading and writing files created by the SIMPSON simulations program.

This modules is imported as nmrglue.simpson and can be called as such.

User Information

User Functions

read(filename[, ftype, ndim, NP, NI, spe]) Read a SIMPSON file.
read_text(filename) Read a SIMPSON text file.
read_xreim(filename) Read a 1D indexed SIMPSON file.
read_xyreim(filename) Read a 2D indexed SIMPSON file.
read_raw_bin_1d(filename[, spe]) Read a 1D raw binary SIMPSON file.
read_raw_bin_2d(filename, NP, NI[, spe]) Read a 2D raw binary SIMPSON file.
read_binary(filename) Read a binary SIMPSON file.

Developer Infomation

Developer Functions

These functions are typically not used directly by users. Developers who want fine control over SIMPSON files will be interested in these functions.

guess_ftype(filename) Determine a SIMPSON file type from the first few lines of the file.
unappend_data(data) Return complex data with last axis unappended.
chars2bytes(chars) Convert four characters from a data block into 3 ‘bytes’.
bytes2float(bytes) Convert four bytes to a string.