Functions to perform segmentation of NMR spectrum.

This modules is imported as nmrglue.segmentation and can be called as such.

Developer Functions

These functions are typically not used directly by users. Developers who want to segment spectra will be interested in these functions.

find_all_connected(data, thres[, find_segs, ...])

Find all connected segments.

find_all_nconnected(data, thres[, ...])

Find all negatively connected segments in data.

find_all_downward(data, thres[, find_segs, diag])

Find all downward connected segments in data

find_all_upward(data, thres[, find_segs, diag])

Find all upward connected segments in data

label_connected(data, thres, structure)

Label connected features in data.

label_nconnected(data, thres, structure)

Label nconnected features in data.

label_downward(data, thres, structure)

Label connected features in data.

label_upward(data, thres, structure)

Label upward connected features in data.

find_downward(data, pt, thres[, diag])

Find points downward-connected to a point in data.

find_connected(data, pt, thres[, diag])

Find points connected to a point in data.

find_nconnected(data, pt, thres[, diag])

Find points connected to pt in data below threshold.

find_upward(data, pt, thres[, diag])

Find points upward-connected to pt in data.

mark_dseg(mdata, map, pt, mark, structure)

Mark downward-connected region on segment map starting at node pt.

label_downward_seg(data, labels, seg_slice, ...)

Label a segment which is downward connected

mark_useg(mdata, map, pt, mark, structure)

Mark upward-connected region on segment map starting at node pt

label_upward_seg(data, labels, seg_slice, ...)

Label a segment which is upward connected