A collection of NMR processing functions for filtering, smoothing, and correcting spectral baselines.

This module is imported as nmrglue.proc_bl and can be called as such.

User Functions

base(data, nl[, nw]) Linear (first-order) baseline correction based on node list.
cbf(data[, last, apply]) Constant baseline correction from percentage of data.
cbf_explicit(data[, calc, apply]) Constant Baseline correction from an explicit region of the data.
med(data[, mw, sf, sigma]) Median baseline correction.
baseline_corrector(data[, wd]) Calculate a baseline using a distribution based classification method.
sol_general(data, filter[, w, mode]) Solvent filter with generic filter.
sol_boxcar(data[, w, mode]) Solvent filter with boxcar filter.
sol_sine(data[, w, mode]) Solvent filter with sine-bell filter.
sol_sine2(data[, w, mode]) Solvent filter with square sine-bell filter.
sol_gaussian(data[, w, mode]) Solvent filter with square gaussian filter.

Developer Functions

calc_bl_linear(x, nl[, nw]) Calculate a baseline using linear approximation between nodes
calc_bl_med(x, mw, sf, sigma) Calculate a baseline using median baseline correction.